Interactive Kiosks

The interactive Kiosks allow you to pick up tickets ONLY for events with NUMBERED SEATS.

If you bought tickets for a GENERAL ADMISSION section or to an event WITHOUT NUMBERED seats assignment you will not be able to pick them up at a Kiosk. You can pick them up at MoneyCenter counter at WALMART stores in Puerto Rico or at the Service Desk at participant AMIGO supermarkets. Remember to bring your valid photo ID and the card you used to purchase the tickets.

ticketpop_wrapped_withSIGN_final.pngKiosks are ONLY available at:

Tiendas WALMART:

  • Bayamón
  • Caguas
  • Carolina
  • Santurce

Supermercados AMIGO:

  • Las Catalinas Caguas
  • Paseos Mall, Rio Piedras

Also a Kiosk is available at:

Centro Europa lobby
Centro Europa Building
Ponce de León Ave. Stop 22
Santurce, PR