About Ticketpop

Who we are?

Ticketpop was established in San Juan, Puerto Rico in January 2002 to carry out a mission: convert the purchasing of tickets into a fast, easy and convenient experience. Today, Ticketpop is the leading electronic ticketing processor in Puerto Rico with a client base of over 290,000 consumers. Ticketpop processes thousands tickets to concerts, sports events, theater productions and other entertainment activities. Tickets may be purchased 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through www.ticketpop.com.

Ticketpop allows the purchase of tickets by calling (787) 294-0001 or free of charge 1-866-994-0001, and through an extensive network of distribution points in retail stores that includes Wal-mart Stores and participant Amigo Supermarkets. These services are complemented by box office windows. Our job is to improve your shopping experience, that’s why we have all these convenient services available to you.

Ticketpop is the best ticket sales and distribution company based in Puerto Rico where you can buy tickets of events - sports, theater productions, concerts, and many others. Many entertainment promoters and venues rely on Ticketpop's software and business model to promote their events, to advertise their attractions, to provide a convenient ticketing purchase to their customers, and to secure a reliable payment processing, reports, and collection for their events.

In addition to ticket sales and services for events, Ticketpop also offers:

  • Search information according to events, venues and calendar.
  • Ticket orders at www.ticketpop.com with credit cards.
  • Promotional e-mail information about future events & products.
  • Advertising of entertainment attractions through direct email, and Social Media.

Ticketpop’s processing service is powered by EVERTEC Group LLC. EVERTEC Group LLC. is a diversified processing business, offering transaction and payment processing, merchant acquiring and processing and business process management solutions in Puerto Rico and certain countries through the Caribbean, and Latin America.